Daniels & Daniels Receives 2019 Star Master Builder Award

The 2019 Annual STAR Pre-engineered Metal Building (PEMB) Convention was held in Arizona earlier this year. Damon Jones represented D&D at the event and was there to accept the STAR Master Builder Award for the Arapahoe Charter School project.

The design for this project was one of the most complicated PEMB that has been designed. There is 49,000 SF of roof panels and 14,ooo SF of wall panels installed in the structure. The exterior of the building is brick veneer to 9’4” and then pre-engineered panels above. In total, there are 12 separate buildings designed into a complex arrangement. Several buildings utilized a pyramid-shaped hip roof. In order to get the right look, the main frames had to be outset from the frame line. Detailing these connections and having them blend with the masonry and overall design was quite different than what is typically seen on custom metal buildings.

The project owners chose to use a custom PEMB for several reasons. First, they were able to maximize the amount of building they were getting for the budget they had available. PEMBs are much more cost effective than conventional construction. In addition, using a Star building allows for expedited construction of the structure, getting the project dried in much sooner. Given that this project had a short timeframe for completion, this design was necessary.

The entire project team worked through several issues during the construction of this unique and complicated design.  It could not have come together without coordination, planning and problem solving among all parties involved. D&D is proud to add another Star Master Builder Award to their collection!