Construction Manager at Risk

The construction management at risk (CMAR) delivery method allows project owners to delegate all aspects of the construction process to one contractor. As public procurement trends have evolved in our state, Daniels and Daniels has led the progression in the collaborative delivery of CMAR services to Eastern North Carolina.

By utilizing the CMAR delivery method, Daniels and Daniels applies an open-book approach, sharing subcontractor bids and providing clients with estimates for the cost of materials and labor prior to the completion of design and bidding documents. In turn, clients have a better idea of how to set budgets and accurately anticipate project costs. As your CMAR, Daniels and Daniels holds the risk of construction performance and guarantees the completion of your project with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

CMAR also promotes streamlined communications for greater coordination between project owners and subcontractors, reducing potential project delays and eliminating the need to oversee multiple vendors and contracts. This single-source approach results in lower administrative costs and fewer redundancies in the project’s management. By selecting an experienced CMAR contractor, like Daniels and Daniels, with strong capabilities, project owners can feel secure in knowing they are hiring the best partner to bring the project to life, within budget, and on schedule.

Over the course of the relationship between Wayne County Schools and Daniels & Daniels, all objectives have been met and the outcomes have been positive. The product delivered by D&D has been of excellent quality, on time, and under budget.
- Tim Harrell, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, Wayne County Public Schools

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