Nash County Detention Center – Jail Cell Delivery

The Nash County Detention Center project cell installation was approximately a 5-day process. We received 12 semi-deliveries containing the individual cells in the first four days. The lower cell was unloaded first to allow the upper cell to be placed on top of a lower cell before entering the facility. Units were welded into place to secure cells together. Individual dollies were placed under each corner of the cells, and with the help of about 5 to 6 men, the cells were rolled inside the detention center and welded into their final location. Once all cells are placed inside the detention center, the subcontractor will begin to weld trim pieces to the cells to conceal the seams between each unit. The units will also have plumbing, electrical, and mechanical subcontractors making final connections to the back of the cells.

Sampson Community College Trades Training Center

Our Sampson Community College Trades Training Center project is well underway with the recently completed demolition of the existing welding lab and concrete slab. C.A.G. Contracting was on-site to perform the demolition and wasted no time getting to work, resulting in their scope of work being completed days ahead of schedule! Our Sampson Community College project team is off to an impressive start, so be sure to check back for updates. Keep up the great work, Super Ryan!

St. James Concrete Slab Placement

“Cold weather concrete. If you’ve done it before then you know. Wait for the plant to thaw out in the morning before they can start batching, get it on the ground as fast as you can, and…wait. Hot water, additives (if available), testing, blankets, monitoring the weather, long hours, lights, coordination, and lots more go into these slab placements but in the end, you have a great foundation to build on and go vertical.
It takes a team to accomplish all of these tasks and even on a small pour like this there were lots of people involved. About 25 people were directly involved with coordinating, scheduling, prepping, inspecting, delivering, pumping, placing and finishing the slab, and probably around 50 others involved in the work leading up to this point.
It’s amazing what you can do when you put together a team of like-minded people with a common goal that is clearly identified.”
– Trent Wise, St. James Education Building Project Superintendent

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