Closing in on Kick-off!

The project team at the Louisburg High School Athletic Complex is getting very close to their first kick-off! A lot has happened since the fall of 2019. Daniels & Daniels has enjoyed working with all Boomerang Architecture and the Franklin County School system on this project. With each challenged we faced, whether it be significant rain days or uncovered rock, the entire team worked together toward the common goal on bringing the project to completion on time and under budget!

I can see clearly now the rain is gone!

The civil work is nearing completion at Stump Sound Elementary School as we prepare to go vertical. After significant rain delays through the winter, the team developed a plan to get the project back on schedule. It took several months to clear the 100+ acre site but we can finally see signs of a new school! The pace is ramping up with underground rough-ins, foundation block, concrete footings, grading and remaining site-work ongoing.

From Block to Brick – Southern Wayne HS Competition Gym

The project team is working hard to finish topping out the block work for the Southern Wayne HS Competition Gym in Dudley, NC.  D&D is working with the high school’s masonry club to include them with site visits as often as possible during this phase of work.  Our subcontractor, Brickworks, is an excellent partner and is graciously working with the club to lay a sample wall for the exterior veneer. We love working with the next generation of tradesmen and women!

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