Shades of Gray

After many months of flatwork, the Catherine Lakes’ team was excited to start going vertical. Concrete block walls are complete and the roof structure is going up on each and every wing. From the sky you can see many shades of gray and the infrastructure continues to go up at a quick rate. The goal is to complete the roof and dry in the building before the cold and precipitous season kicks in!

A Job Site With a View

Daniels & Daniels got into the construction industry as residential contractors, however since we have grown, we rarely get to put our homebuilder hat on. We are having a blast building this private residence in Morehead City right on the water. This team loves a design-build project, and this custom design is moving right along with a great partner, Kersting Architecture. D&D is hoping to finish up the flatwork and start framing in December.

Closing in on Kick-off!

The project team at the Louisburg High School Athletic Complex is getting very close to their first kick-off! A lot has happened since the fall of 2019. Daniels & Daniels has enjoyed working with Boomerang Architecture and the Franklin County School system on this project. With each challenge faced, whether it be significant rain days or uncovered rock, the entire team worked together toward the common goal on bringing the project to completion on time and under budget!

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