Success is no Accident!

When Mike Bryan was promoted to the D&D Health & Safety Director last Spring, he had no idea he would be taking on the new role in the middle of a global health pandemic! Needless to say, he has taken on the pressures and responsibilities of his new position with confidence and eagerness, all while effectively navigating our company through the everchanging landscape of COVID-19.

Mike has revamped much of our safety program in the last eight months, received many hours and weeks of training to receive his C-MESH certificate, developed a new safety orientation for employees and subcontractors, and last week he held his first D&D safety committee meeting. At D&D there is no higher priority than the safety of our staff and subcontractors. Getting feedback from our guys and gals in the field is critical to developing procedures that ensure a safe and secure environment, while also maintaining production and meeting project goals. We look forward to seeing what great things come out of this group!