Bids are due on December 08, 2022 at 1 PM Eastern

The Project generally consists of a new detention center totaling approximately 109,500 SF. The project is mixed-construction consisting of both Type II-B and Type I-B construction, Group I-3 and Group B occupancy. Construction includes concrete and brick veneer masonry construction with steel framing, interior CMU partitions, TPO roofing, architectural casework, food service equipment, detention equipment, security electronics and finishes typically associated with a new detention center. The Project includes a kitchen, laundry, vehicle sally port, intake/ booking and steel detention cells. Sitework includes sidewalk, parking lots, grading, and fencing/ gates. Mechanical work includes ductwork, plumbing, sprinkler system, smoke control system, controls, and roof top units. Electrical work includes panelboards, lighting fixtures, fire alarm, emergency generator, power, technology wiring and infrastructure; and security systems (cameras, intercoms, duress, door controls, and touchscreens).

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