Replacement of Air Traffic Control Tower, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina

Bids are due on December 03, 2018 at 5 PM Eastern

This project scope is to construct a new complex to include an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), a Base Operations Building, an addition to the dining facility, parking, and supporting facilities. The new ATCT consists of approximately 11,622 sf and will be a twelve story facility including the cab. The Base Operations Building has an approximate area of 25,700 sf and will be a two-story facility. The dining facility addition consists of approximately 1,050 sf and is a single-story addition. The ATCT/Base Operations facility will be located along the south side of the RAPCON facility. The dining facility addition will be constructed on the north side of the existing flight line kitchen. The POV parking requirements will be met by providing three separate parking areas. Supporting facilities include utilities, relocation of selected utilities, electric service, security lighting, sanitary sewers, storm drainage, paving, walks, curbs, and gutters, fencing, information systems,landscaping and site improvements.

Additionally, the scope includes demolition of multiple additional facilities and incidental related work to include but not limited to the partial demolition of building 4012, parking and complete demolition of multiple structures including the older ATCT/RAPCON complex and building 4507.

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