Moore County New Courthouse and Renovation, Carthage, NC

Bids are due on April 22, 2021 at 3 PM Eastern

The Work consists of the following:
a. The Work generally consists of a new Courthouse approximately 124,000 square feet. Site improvements include excavating and grading, concrete and asphalt paving, concrete sidewalks and curbs, stormwater improvements, fencing, and landscaping. The building structure consist of steel beams, joists, columns, concrete retaining wall, and structural decking. The exterior walls consist primarily of brick and metal panels, SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam), and metal stud framing. The roof consists of both low-slope membrane. Also included is a renovation of the existing courthouse interior and exterior on the same site with an elevated bridge connector between the existing and new courthouse.
b. All sitework; including underground utilities and other miscellaneous sitework.
c. Other work as indicated in the Contract Documents

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  • 582405-Moore-Co.-Courthouse-Drawings-Vol.-1_3.19.21.pdf Download
  • 582405-Moore-Co.-Courthouse-Drawings-Vol.-2_3.19.21.pdf Download
  • Moore-County-Courts-Facility-RENOVATION-PLANS-1987.pdf Download
  • Moore-County-Courts-Facility-RENOVATION-PLANS-2014.pdf Download
  • Moore-County-Courts-Facility-PARTIAL-ORIGINAL-PLANS-1977.pdf Download


  • 582405_Moore-Co-Courthouse-Project-Manual_V1-of-2_3.19.21.pdf Download
  • 582405_Moore-Co-Courthouse-Project-Manual_V2-of-2_3.19.21.pdf Download


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