Laser Shock Peening Bldg 155, MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina

Bids are due on September 26, 2018 at 4 PM Eastern

The work includes the construction of a new Laser Shock Peening Facility adjacent to Building 155 at the Fleet Readiness Center East (FRC East), MCAS Cherry Point. The design requirements include infrastructure and utilities for a Pre Engineered Panelized Metal Relocatable Building (PPMRB) to house the Laser Shock Peening (LSP) process. The structure will be sited on a new concrete slab and utility connections are to be made in such a way as to support the temporary nature of the facility. The structure will accommodate the capabilities required for the LSP operations, including fire suppression and alarm systems, lighting, environmental control to minimize particulate in the LSP area, and climate control to prevent equipment overheating and protect equipment from freezing conditions. The structure will be constructed to support the LSP process for a minimum of 60 months. Two independent LSP stalls will be designed as laser safety enclosures to house F-35 airframes during the laser shock peening process. The structure will also accommodate a laser support trailer that is an enclosed environment, separate from the two LSP stalls and incidental related work.

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