Johnston County 210 Wastewater Treatment Facility Project

Bids are due on October 07, 2021 at 1 PM Eastern

Site work, paving and new construction of a water / sewer project in Smithfield, North Carolina. Completed plans call for the construction of a water / sewer project; and for site work for a water / sewer project. The Work is located in Smithfield, NC at the 210 WWTF site which is located adjacent to the Johnston County Landfill (680 County Home Road, Smithfield NC 27577).

The Work consists of the following:
1. New preliminary treatment facility
2. New preliminary effluent distribution box
3. New BNR basins with fine bubble diffusers, mixers, nitrified recycle pumps, waste activated sludge pumps, and process drain pumps
4. New blower building
5. New secondary clarifiers
6. New recycle activated sludge pump station
7. New chemical storage and feed facility
8. New drain pump station
9. New disk filters
10. New ultraviolet disinfection facility (add alternate)
11. New sodium hypochlorite facility
12. New effluent pump station
13. New cascade aerator
14. New maintenance building
15. New administration building

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