Greenology Warehouse Expansion

Bids are due on June 29, 2022 at 1 PM Eastern

Site work and addition to a mixed-use development in Raleigh, North Carolina. Completed plans call for the addition of a 3,700-square-foot industrial development. The work includes a +/-3,700 addition to the existing warehouse portion of the Greenology Headquarters. A new pre-engineered metal building has been fabricated and is ready to be delivered to the site. Interior work includes new framed walls, restrooms, & HVAC installation, with miscellaneous interior renovation work and site improvements.

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  • 04-01-22-Greenology-Addition-Permit-Set-w-BID-ADDENDUM.pdf Download
  • 18-B-46134_E.pdf Download


  • 2022.04.04-Stormwater-Report.pdf Download
  • Anchor-Bolt-calcs-Greenology-PEMB.pdf Download


  • Greenology-Warehouse-Addition_-Addendum_1.pdf Download
  • Greenology-Warehouse-Expansion_-Addendum_2.pdf Download
  • Greenology-Warehouse-Expansion_-Addendum_3.pdf Download
  • Greenology-Warehouse-Expansion_-Addendum_4.pdf Download
  • Greenology-Warehouse-Expansion_-Addendum_5.pdf Download
  • Greenology-Warehouse-Expansion_-Addendum_6.pdf Download

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