Claude T Bowers Military Center Renovation

Bids are due on September 12, 2019 at 2 PM Eastern

This project consists of the renovation to an existing National Guard facility. Renovations are primarily located
on the second-floor area. The second-floor area is approximately 6,814sf. This project includes more functional
office space, storage space, and conference room space layout. The building is structural sound and most of the
existing non-loading bearing interior partitions will remain. Some interior non-loading bearing partitions will
be demolished to accommodate the new floor plan configuration. The additions will be added to the west, where
they would be least invasive to existing and proposed site access and parking. As part of the project scope, the
existing second-floor restrooms will be completely renovated with accessibility improvements. Asbestos floor tile
and ceiling tile will be abated on the second-floor area. The project also includes a complete window
replacement of all second-floor windows, new single ply membrane roof of the second-floor area, and the
replacement/update of existing finishes such as wall painting, ceiling tile/grid, resinous flooring, new hollow
metal door frames, and new wood doors and hardware. The project includes all other work as shown, indicated
or reasonably implied on the drawings and/or specifications for a complete, first class job.

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