Centennial Campus Plaza

Bids are due on December 21, 2022 at 1 PM Eastern

Site work and new construction of an educational facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. Completed plans call for the construction of a educational facility; and for site work for a educational facility. This project creates a new plaza on The Oval, just east of Hunt Library. Public art will be displayed on this new plaza. The new plaza will have a hardscape consisting of decorative aggregate and pavers, an underdrain system, specialized site lighting, and landscaping.

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  • Centennial-Campus-Plaza_Drawings_221110.pdf Download
  • dw-6860-L0-00-Cover-Cover.pdf Download
  • dw-6860-L0-03-General-Information-L0-03.pdf Download
  • dw-6860-L3-Materials-L3-01-Materials-Plan.pdf Download
  • dw-6860-L7-Site-Details.pdf Download
  • dw-6860-L7-Site-Details-L7-01.pdf Download
  • dw-6860-L11-Planting-Details-L11-02.pdf Download


  • Centennial-Campus-Plaza_Project-Manual_221110.pdf Download
  • 044300.13-Landscape-Boulders_221213.pdf Download
  • 329113-Soil-Preparation_221214.pdf Download
  • 321540-Crushed-Stone-Paving_221214.pdf Download


  • CCP_Addendum1_2021200112_11-30-22.pdf Download
  • CCP_Addendum2_2021200112_12-13-22.pdf Download
  • CCP_Addendum3_2021200112_-12-14-22.pdf Download

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